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"What's for Dinner Honey?" Grandpa Marc's Mint Iced Tea


"What's for Dinner Honey?"

I was Grandpa Marc's partner in crime,  picking up windfall apples from under the tree when he mowed the lawn, and playing cribbage for dimes in his Minnesota basement while we waited out summer tornado warnings.  He taught me how to make this iced tea and I've never found anything much better.

Grandpa Marc's Iced Tea- from Redhead Betty

Black tea {use a strong English or Irish Breakfast}
Honey {may I make a plug for Queen Bee Honey from the Hingham Farmers Market?}
Bunch fresh mint

Brew a strong pot of black tea, cool slightly.  In a large pitcher, pour enough honey to cover the bottom.  Clean a handful of mint {including stems} and toss into the pitcher.  Top with cooled tea, stir, and bruise the mint by crushing it with a wooden spoon.  Refrigerate tea with mint for several hours {overnight is best}.  Strain it and serve over ice with mint springs, but never lemon.