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"What's for Dinner, Honey?" Pete's Pulled Pork


"What's for Dinner Honey?"

A big thanks to Pete Dickason, our poster boy for pork.  He sent us this manly recipe fit for all carnivores.  He says it is a foolproof recipe to make in the oven or on the grill [Pete got his smoker from lyfetyme.com].

Guinness Pulled Pork
- from Pete Dickason

Note:  cooking time 5-8 hours + 1 day [because it always tastes better the second day]

The Pig
1 Pork Shoulder Roast  6-8 pounds bone in [also known as Boston Butt]
2 cans of Guinness [1 for the pig and one for the cook]
1 jar Barbecue Sauce

The Rub
I use Stubb's BBQ hot pork rub from Austin, Texas
You can buy this at the grocery or make it from scratch.
1 C salt
1/4 C chili powder
1/4 C paprika
1/3 C garlic powder
1/3 cayenne
1/2 C ground dry rosemary
1/2 C ground black pepper
Combine all ingredients and mix well.

Shaker Bottle Pepper Sauce
1/2 C white vinegar
3-4 slices of carrot
3-4 slices of onion
1/2 cup fresh chili peppers, sliced into strips (choose hot ones!)

Stuff the peppers, carrots and onions into a medium sized clean glass shaker bottle.  Heat the vinegar until is starts to steam then add it to the shaker.
Let it sit for a day before using.  This stuff is not as hot as it sounds and will keep for months.  Mine never lasts that long.

Here we go:
The important thing here is low and slow.  Set your grill for indirect cooking.  In other words put the fire on one side and the meat on the other.  Heat your grill/smoker or oven to about 275 degrees.  Fill a disposable aluminum rectangular pan half full of water and place it directly below the pork.  This will steam the roast during cooking and catch the drips. Rub your Butt [pork butt]  with a generous amount of the dry rub. If you do this a day in advance the flavors will permeate and work their way into the pork.  Note there is no sugar in this rub.  Sugar tends to burn and will give your pork a charred flavor.  Also, slow cooking pork loves music.  Make sure you have ample supplies of Buddy, Stevie Ray, Smokin' Joe, Bo, B.B. and Robert available.

Here's the hard part.  Put the pork on the grill or in your oven and wait.  After 3 hours at 275 the surface of the roast will be pretty dark, even burnt looking.  That's ok because the magic is happening inside.  All those spices and smoke [if you're using a grill] are working away under the skin.  

Wrap the entire hunk-o-meat in tinfoil and put it back on the grill at the same low temperature.  Once it reaches 170 you can take it off and bring it inside [about an hour later].  At this point your dog will go nuts and your wife will wonder whether the kitchen will ever smell like anything other than a Memphis BBQ again.  Open the foil, like a package of Jiffy Pop, and let it stand at room temperature for about an hour.  The bone will practically fall out on its own.

Get a soup pot and start shredding.  I use two big forks.  It will come off in chunks and strips and literally fall apart.  Make sure you use as much of the roast as possible -- the charred skin, fat and white meat [chicken, by the way, is the other white meat].  Put the pork into the pot, add a jar of your favorite barbecue sauce and the remaining can of Guinness.  Heat this to a slow boil then stir and simmer until most of the liquid is absorbed.

This is best served on plain white bread rolls with pickles on the side.  Use the pepper sauce directly on the sandwich.  This will keep for a few days so make it Saturday while you're supposed to be raking leaves!