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"What's for Dinner Honey?" Roasted Root Vegetables


"What's for Dinner Honey?"  Roasted Root Vegetables

We're giving Signe, our Farmers Market foodie, a rest from tracking down recipes this week.  We're posting a favorite that signals autumn is here.  It's part of our 'living on a small Vermont farm, with charming chickens, tending a small but verdant garden' fantasy.

Try it with any combination of root vegetables, anything dug out of the ground will work here [try the apple too if you're adventurous].  Choose favorites, or ones you've never tried before, that's what the Farmers Market is for...

Roasted Root Vegetables: from Betty

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • carrots
  • turnips
  • parsnips
  • red onion
  • potatoes
  • beets
  • rutabagas
  • crisp tart apple [ok, not a vegetable or a root]
  • fresh thyme
  • salt and pepper
  • chicken or vegetable stock [optional]

You want the final product to look pretty so- cut off the stem and tip of the carrots and parsnips then slice in half lengthwise.  Place the halves cut-side down and slice on an angle into inch long pieces.  To prep the turnips, rutabagas, potatoes and beets cut off the stem and root ends.  Cut them into quarters and then slice each quarter into 1/4 inch wedges approximately the same thickness as the carrot and parsnip pieces.  The idea is to get everything relatively uniform in size so they cook at the same rate.  Corral the beets away from everyone else, otherwise the color bleeds onto the other vegetables.


Toss all the vegetables in a shallow roasting pan or baking dish one layer thick.  Drizzle with oil, throw in the thyme, salt and pepper, and toss until the veggies are coated.  Roast in a 400 degree oven for about an hour, stirring every once and awhile, until tender.  If things get too dry, add a little water or stock.

Serving suggestions?  Try them with Mark Cullings' Steak au Poivre, a salad, and Cent' Anni Valpolicella Ripasso, a full bodied, earthy red wine from Bare Cove Wine Annex.  Or try them over polenta or risotto, folded into an omelet, or pureed with stock and made into a delicious soup.

You just got your daily requirement of vegetables...