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"What's for Dinner Honey?" Kelly's Quiche Lorraine with French Morbier



It's so easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to breakfast food. Remember quiche? Quiche is a great dish to whip up for a cozy breakfast, lunch or brunch at home, or to take to a friend.

Using Morbier, a tangy French semi-soft cows' milk cheese in the recipe makes a simple quiche seem that much more special.

Quiche Lorraine with Morbier from Kelly McDermott

1 flaky pastry {either a homemade pie crust or one of those easy pre-made pie shells would work too}

3 ½ ounces {about a ½ cup} of chopped bacon

1 big onion, shredded 

8.8 ounces {1 cup}  Morbier

4 eggs

3 tablespoons sour cream
a pinch of salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 350°

Place the pastry in a pie plate {Or just leave it in the pie tin it comes in.  I've found that if you poke a few holes in the bottom with a fork and bake the crust in the oven for about 8 minutes the crust stays flaky and doesn't get as soggy}.

Break the eggs and mix them with the sour cream, salt and pepper.

Cut the Morbier into slices and add into the bottom of the pastry, then add the shredded onions {I have also chopped and sauteed the onion first, but I'd shred them if they're going in raw} and cooked bacon, and pour on top the egg mixture at the end.

Place in the oven at 350° for 30 minutes.