Holistic Health

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Holistic Health

Every woman knows that when it comes to health, mind and body are integrated {doesn't PMS prove that? Hello!}

Achieving balance in our crazy lives takes attention, it means taking care of ourselves, something that we don't always do until we're actually ill.  Don't wait, take care of yourself now.

Here is a list of fantastic options for holistic treatments that you may not have considered.  Betty tested and approved! 



Megan is so intelligent, so calm, so genuine, there's  a true sense of well being that just radiates from her. 

A practitioner of acupuncture, she uses the technique to stimulate your own body's energy to heal itself, whether it's chronic pain, digestive problems, fertility, diabetes or simply helping to manage stress and sleep better, your body gets the gentle nudge it needs to heal.  

Address: 195 Whiting Street, Hingham  
Website: www.acupuncturehingham.com 
Telephone: 781.749.8088 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


When Betty needs a grounding massage tune-up she heads to Mary Norton at Country Way Health. Drawing from many styles of bodywork: myofascial release, polarity, cranio-sacral, hot stone massage and more, each session is tailored to meet the particular needs of her client.  

Address: 34 Country Way, Scituate Telephone: 781.545.9274

Jessica seems to be able to work miracles with those tight sore muscles. She may be petite but she can packs some power into those hands. 

Address: 175 George Washington Blvd. Hull Telephone: 781.925.4004
 Website: Nantasket Therapeutic Massage  


Martha Demarco is a classical homeopath that has come to Betty's rescue one too many times.  Using natural remedies as the first line of defense,  she addresses the root cause of your symptoms- and doesn't just cover them up. 

From re-occuring ear infections to digestive issues, Martha takes you through a series of treatments developed to heal, not mask your problems. I know it can sound like hocus pocus to those who don't understand it but if you are looking for a Homeopath, Martha is your woman.

Address: 6 Grove Street, Norwell
Telephone: 781.724.7083
Website: DeMarco Homeopathy


"When you practice yoga regularly, there is a subtle sense of feeling good that gradually becomes so pervasive, so natural and genuine, so much a part of you that it carries over into the whole of your life".  

Betty is down with that, we know it's true.  But, we also know that a Yoga practice is a very personal thing. There are quite a few Yoga studios in and around town. Check them out on your own, take a class and find your place of comfort.

Cohasset Yoga Center  
Balance Studio
Dancing Crow Yoga  Open Doors

{ Betty is always up for trying alternaitve therapies but sometimes we just need a good vitamin, a box of Emergen-C or some good advice on a safe cough syrup. Good Health in Hanover is chock full of knowledgeble staff and products. Sure it might be a bit far away but worth the trip.}

THE LANE CENTER - Accupuncture

Blonde Betty tried accupuncture for the first time and was hooked. Genevieve at the Lane Center works her magic on all kinds of ailments from injuries to stress reduction. As skeptical as she was Betty couldn't deny the benefits. 

Indulgent? No. Investment.  It's what helps keep us pulled together.

Address: 160 Old Derby Street Telephone: 781.741.8800
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.thelanecenter.com


Mark Mincolla has helped many many people with various illnesses using a natural approach to healing. From Muscle Testing, Hair Analysis, Nutritional Support and meal planning, Mark Mincolla tailors a health plan just for you. He focuses on anti-inflamatory health and immune support. Read his blog, listen to his radio show, get informed and get healthy.

Address: 12 Parking Way, Cohasset Telephone: 781.383.3393
Website: Santi Solistic Healing Blog: Mark Mincolla Blog


Breast Thermography is a whole different approach to breast health. Whether you swear by your mammography every year or not, this option is a holistic approach to breast health.  If you are holistically minded and open to alternatives that have been used in Europe for decades it's worth your while to read up and decide for yourself which is the best route for you.  

Jackie Bell is best known for her pioneering work in Natural Breast Health . Since 2003 she has been lecturing throughout New England on the concepts of Natural Integrative Medicine, the application of those concepts to breast health, and the use of European Thermography. 

Address: 99 Longwater Circle, Norwell Telephone: 508.280.6434
Website: www.naturalbell.com  


Arnica cream is great for aches and pains, bruises and bumps [lions and tigers and bears].  Seriously, it helps take the pain away quickly, doesn't smell or or heat up strangely on your skin.  Use it for bruises and muscle aches- Betty takes a bath in the stuff...

Find it: at pharmacies and natural food stores everywhere