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Hingham Neighborhoods / West Hingham

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West Hingham

Crow Point

Crow Point originally started out as a place where people came to their summer cottages for some r&r.  Full time residents became the norm in the area and gradually, over the years, these “cottages” continue to be knocked down and replaced by multimillion dollar homes.  Surrounded on three sides by water, even if you don’t have a home with direct waterfront, a majority of houses have views or some form of access to the water.  Here’s the thing about Crow Point, those that live there love it, those that are new to the area can be a bit confused by it.  It’s a mish-mash of old and new, expensive and modest and the thing is, you could have a $3million dollar house sitting right across the street from a $300,000 house.

Bradley Woods

Bradley Woods is within easy access to the commuter boat and 3A. Cul de sac neighborhoods of smaller homes. It's what is termed as a "starter home neighborhood". Interestingly enough though, people add onto their houses to squeeze every last day out of them before they have to move to get more space as families expand.

Bradley Park

Don’t let the name fool you, there isn’t a park here.  Mid priced homes, walk to town, blocks to the commuter boat and 3A.  Its four intertwined streets create the feeling of one big cul de sac, only one way in, one way out.  It’s not so large that you get lost, and great for kids riding bikes or playing flashlight tag.  Quintessential Norman Rockwell experience with pot luck suppers, holiday parties and neighborhood yard sales.

Conservatory Park

Abutting Bare Cove Park, Conservatory Park is a large development of homes built mostly in the early 90’s.  It seems to be getting a second wind.  Many homeowners are upgrading their roofs, replacing the builders windows for higher end upgrades and adding porticos to the once bland façades.  Four cul-de-sac streets and large, lush manicured lawns connect together providing a spacious, easy place to live and play.  Although, upon many trips to Conservatory park I rarely see kids playing outside.  I know they are there because on Halloween night the place is packed with kids and families enjoying a wonderful tradition in Conservatory Park.

Derby Academy Area

Comprised of Cottage Street, Ship, Fearing, Miles, Burditt, Lincoln, Cole and Academy Lane, this area of town is known as the Derby Academy area.  Filled with beautiful stately homes all within walking distance to town, harbor and Derby Academy.  The streets are narrow (except for Lincoln) and you can’t help but meander while driving, admiring the fabulous architecture, its like driving through a great coffee table book.  This location is very desirable and the homes are quite pricey so be prepared.

North/South Street

North and South Street run parallel to each other, and to the train tracks from the harbor to the country club.  You’ll find a lot of antique homes on these streets, many of which are two family or multi-family antiques.  Downtown, these streets are storefronts or offices in antique buildings and as you go out towards the country club it becomes more residential.  Well traveled by cars, bikes and walkers alike if you like in-town living there are a lot of great options in various price ranges.  South Lane and Burtons Lane are two streets that are tucked off South Street.  Both gems, perfect for the buyer that wants in-town but privacy.


Grab  your honey and take a stroll to the Nona’s for a cone.  Anything that is a walk to town is really considered Downtown.  Its hard to encompass all of these streets but there is a neighborhood that consists of Lafayette, Thayer, Emerald, Elm, Lantern and Maple that sits right behind town.  A variety of styles and prices provide options for a wide range of buyers.  It’s a nice neighborhood feel close to the action.  Other neighborhoods like Alden, Bradford, and Weston  as well as Garrison, Bur and Sanborn are a tad closer to Hingham Centre but still within easy distance to all the amenities of town.  Classic style homes and family fun are indicative of these neighborhoods.

Lower Main

Once known as Bachelors Row, Lower Main Street and Pear Tree Hill [Main Street but just a little further up from town] is just chock full of big, beautiful, classic Hingham homes as well as town landmarks like the Old Ship Church and Meeting House. Spaciously sited on their lots, these houses take you back to the glory of Early Hingham. Fourth of July brings parties with children eating cupcakes waving their flags as red, white and blue bunting flutters from antique doorways. Sit back and enjoy as the parade passes right by your doorstep.