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About Town / Neighborhoods / East Hingham

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East Hingham

World's End

World's End Park is the anchor for this neighborhood. Most of the homes in Worlds End have some sort of water access, waterfront or waterview. It’s surrounded on three sides by water but the beautiful wild rhododendron, sizable lots and towering pines confuse the senses between beachy and back-country. The homes are spread out a bit so you don’t get the “family feel” like you would in a Bradley Park but there are kids, you just have to find them first.

Rockwood Area

Rockwood road is a winding road connecting East Street and Chief Justice Cushing so on a positive note; you have easy access to town, and it's walking distance to the library, Hingham Centre, and the new East School. On a not so positive note, for those of us that know, because it’s a connector (which isn’t as common as you might think), it's used as a cut through for traffic. The views of The Home Meadow are spectacular and the cul-de-sacs streets off Rockwood, like Andrews Isle and Glenwood, provide great places for bike riding and trick-or-treating.

East Street

Main Street turns into East Street but still remains a main street if you know what I mean [Neither did we when we moved here, you'll get used to it!] With that in mind, you’d think of it as an isolated residential area but it’s not. There are sidewalks from most of East Street to the library, town, East School and Hingham Centre and you always see kids riding their bikes or walking along the sidewalks. Not only are there neighborhoods off East Street [like Chamberlain Run] but those that live on East Street consider themselves to be their own neighborhood. It's a graceful stretch of road with lovely homes.

Chamberlain Run and Eastgate Lane

Two classic cul-de-sac neighborhoods with homes built in the 70’s and 80’s, many of them the 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath colonial style. Chamberlain Run has a path to East School while Eastgate Lane abuts the school, which is great for those of us that need that extra 10 minutes of sleep. Walk to library and Hingham Centre too.

Ringbolt Farm

Ringbolt Farm was a 50-acre farm that was developed back in 1978. The town zoning gave way to 42 houses but the developer, the town's first Conservation Officer wanted to maintain open space, and chose to develop only 22 homes [preserved the saltbox colonial that was original to the farm] and kept 20 acres as protected open space. Overlooking the Weir River estuary, the houses are classic reproductions sited beautifully on the property. Located a bit outside of the hustle bustle of Hingham, the location may seem far away, but is hustle bustle really all that its cracked up to be after you’ve been working all day? Maybe a nice glass of wine overlooking conservation land and the water makes you forget your troubles. Ok, maybe two glasses of wine.