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College Interview Prep Guide

By Gage Sisters Press

Few colleges offer interviews, but if they do, make sure your student is prepared. Here is an Interview Prep Guide for inspiration:

Interview Prep Guide

Name of College:
Interviewer Name and contact info:
Admissions officer, Alumni, Student, or Professor interview:
Directions to interview location:
Follow up sent?     Date_______
Thank you sent?     Date_______
Personal resume submitted?    Y    N

Prepare answers to the following school-specific questions so that you can have an engaging and well-informed conversation with your interviewer:

1) What are the top three reasons you want to attend this school?

2) What is the specific college you are applying to and why?

3) Do you have a major or a minor in mind and why have you chosen it?

4) What do you feel you can offer to the school as proven by your track record? What are your particular interests, experience, research, classwork or accomplishments in that area?

5) What are the latest trends in your area of interest?

6) Who are the top professors at the college in your area of interest and what is their specialization? Why are you interested in this? Become familiar with their work.

7) What are the top messages about yourself you want to convey?

8) Why is this school a match for you personally?

One Last Thing: An interviewer almost always asks what you want to know about the school or department you’re interested in. Prepare a couple compelling questions, not something that can be answered by reading their brochures and website. Be specific. Also, do some research into the professional and academic background of the person interviewing you.

Practice interviews with your parents or a friend, and knowing you've prepared as much as you can, Relax!

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