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Local Betty Field Trip: Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster– He Does, She Doesn't

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Local Betty Field Trip: Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster

He Does/She Doesn't- A Resort for Both 

You know this couple: they're in a happy, loving relationship except that  he does.....and she doesn't.  Or maybe she will and he won't.  They're just not both in to it, and it's a contentious divide.

Get your mind out of the gutter Betty, we're talking vacation activities.  You know, your man loves golf but you don't- you wouldn't be caught dead in a short pleated skirt and two-toned shoes.  Or maybe you love tennis but your guy doesn't.  He would rather chase a wave than chase a ball. Never fear, while nothing will bring you together to enjoy the same activities, one Cape Cod resort will at least bring you together physically. Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster has enough for both of you. 

There are two sections to the sweeping property- mansion side, and village side.  To be brief, the mansion side is on the ocean, the village side is on the golf course.  While both are spectacular in their own way - Betty says go Mansionside for this getaway.  So what will you find to keep your "he does/she doesn't" union intact?

Tennis: There are 5 carefully maintained clay courts on the mansion side.  You need never wait for court time, and a roster of terrific pros are ready for a one-on-one class, or a group lesson.  Forgot gear?  The pro-shop can handle anything, from new togs to a racket and strings.

Golf: Okay, technically the course is on the village side, but a quick shuttle from the Mansion gets you there so you can perfect your game on the gorgeous Jack Nicklaus designed golf course —a total gem.  Unlike many courses in Massachusetts, this one is beautifully integrated into the landscape.  It's challenging like all Nicklaus courses, but is leveled to the skills of any player, and like all the facilities at Ocean Edge, there are pros to help you {or yours} up your game.  Did I mention the clubhouse?  More great gear {don't forget the mutable Cape weather requires that you pack a fleece and windbreaker even in the middle of summer.}
After 18 holes celebrate your score {or drown your sorrows somewhere else than that water hazard} at the classic Linx Tavern. Betty highly recommends their fish tacos and back-porch lemonade cocktail {actually a double recommendation on the back porch lemonade...} 

Beach:  This is where Betty has to gush just a little more.  Honestly, it would be enough that the beach is wide, the sand rock-free and fine, and the water shallow enough to paddle or swim without any undertow.  But the Ocean Edge beach experience is a complete indulgence.  Grab a chilled bottle of water and several towels from the attendant at the entrance to the boardwalk,  and stride down the path {diva-style} to the beach.  There, another attendant will set up a chair and umbrella, take your beverage order, and {if you feel a bit peckish after a dip in the warm water} bring you a light snack.  Really, you're going to want to stay all night, and considering there's a full wine bar right there, it's not such a bad idea.  If it's Thursday, you'll find that come nightfall the staff lights a bonfire and toasts marshmallows for a perfect evening of s'mores {and the aforementioned wine.}  Nirvana? Oh yes. Nirvana.

But Wait There's More:  What Betty post would be complete without a mention of more random and sublime?  When {notice I didn't say if,  but when} you stay at Ocean Edge you'll want to treat yourself to–
Biking: Rent a bike from the resort and hop on the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  The trail takes all the anxiety out of biking- no cars, no skateboarders, just miles of well paved trails.  If you are so inclined, you could spin it all the way to Chatham, but perhaps just as far as the Hopkins House Bakery in Brewster for deliciously tart lemon squares is far enough.
Yoga: While he plays golf, you'll want to indulge in yoga on the beach- seriously.  Even though I hauled it to a session at 8:00am on a Sunday,  it was transformative {I did crawl back into bed, but I was several inches taller.}  The teachers are terrific, and the location couldn't be more spectacular.
SUP: If you're up for a total treat {or your man needs something to do while you play tennis} book a stand up paddle-board lesson.  SUP Safari will play valet and set up boards and gear on the aforementioned spectacular beach, then patiently teach you how to paddle-board around the calm bay.  It's a protected stretch of water, so it's perfect for beginners {or people who want to snoop paddle past the gorgeous homes on the beach.}  Or you can rent for the day and really explore while you build your 6-pack abs. 
In all, it's a luxurious getaway.  And while I'm always ready to just read on the beach or dawdle over a great meal, Ocean Edge provides a seamless way to be more active and perhaps try something new. There's no gear to haul {they've done it for you} and bikes, tee times or court reservations are simple to book.

So if the myriad activities at Ocean Edge* don't save your "he does / she doesn't" vacation relationship- then Betty can't help you.  You'll just have to head back to your beautifully appointed room, relax into your deliciously comfortable bed, order their famous s'more cookies from room service and make up the rest on your own...  


*full disclosure - Betty was hosted by Ocean Edge for a weekend of fabulousness.  But you know us, if we didn't truly like it, we'd tell you straight—we're snarky that way.