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Baseball in Hingham

by Susan Boyd

BaseballBaseball is a National pastime and here in Hingham it’s a favorite sport that is practiced almost year round. Ok, this is New England I know but here in Hingham the South Shore Baseball Club ( keeps those baseball hungry kids satisfied until the grass turns green and the outdoor fields are ready for play. What do we love so much about baseball? It’s a precursor to the warm days of summer and we are eager to be outside after a long New England winter.

Do you want to know where to have a game of catch? Or need to know what you’ll find when you get to the field? Here’s a scorecard:


Haley Field – Main Street (route 228), entrance between two residential houses. Bare bones baseball field, no bathrooms, no snacks. The Town Hall play area will entice your younger kids – but it’s really too far from the field to watch them and the game.

Kress Field – 301 Gardner (Upper Gardner, across Route 53) Can be buggy at times so be prepared with repellant. No bathrooms, no snacks, no bleachers (bring a chair) but has an open playground close enough for the younger kids to use while you watch a game.

Hersey Field – Thaxter Street, yup, not on Hersey Street as you might expect. Parking can get muddy if there is rain. Bleachers but no bathrooms, no snacks, and a small playground pretty distant from the field.

Cronin Field – Behind the Town Hall . Used mostly for High School Baseball.

Carlson Field – Bare Cove Park . Enter off Fort Hill Street across from the train station. Fields are nice and new, bleachers but no snack-bar, no bathrooms.

Central/Powers Field - School Street right in Hingham Centre. More of a practice field than a playing field, in a residential area. No bathrooms, no snacks.

Lynch Field – 226 Beal Street [by Stop and Shop] Finally, nice fields with bathrooms and snacks [yippee!] but---only when there is a game going on. No play area but lots of room on the sidelines to roam. Limited bleachers so bring chairs> Early season it can be cold when it’s windy, even on a sunny day. Mid season it can be hot, bring water—in a cooler.

Plymouth River School – a good practice field. No bathrooms.

Hingham High School/Union Field – Union Street. A nice field, if it hasn’t been raining. Bleachers, no snacks. [unless the delicious [really!] hot dog truck is stationed there]If the school is open you can use the bathrooms but other than that you’re out of luck.

Hingham has a Vintage Baseball league that plays other throw-back teams in Eastern MA. See the post in the To Do section.