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Adult Rowing at Lincoln Maritime

By Claudia Dolphin

Rowing at Lincoln MaritimeDuring the early winter 2002, I discovered rowing by happy accident. It was late at night, during a fundraiser for a group of women walking the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk. Two of the male guests, both former division one collegiate rowers were looking to recruit people to sign up for a new rowing program they were starting at what was then called “Lincoln Sailing”. Considering the hour of the solicitation (12:30am) there were five of us who admittedly gave very little thought to what we were committing to when we signed the papers and paid the fee. The next morning when the reality of what we had done sunk in, no one wanted to be the one to renege. A mere three months later, all five of us sheepishly made our way to the first day of the inaugural rowing session and have happily never looked back.

Rowing is a sport that is more than getting in a boat and covering territory. It is a wonderfully relaxing and invigorating experience that can be enjoyed by women and men of all ages, athletic abilities, shapes and sizes. The program is designed to accommodate the differing goals of rowers. There are programs for beginners, teens, casual rowing groups, high intensity fitness oriented people and those with racing aspirations. In a town like Hingham, with the bay at our doorstep, it offers access to the water that one might not have. If anyone had ever said to me that eight years after a spontaneous late night decision I would be counting the days until I am back in my boat for another season of rowing, I wouldn’t have believed it. Seeing is believing. Check out Lincoln Maritime Center and see for yourself.